Sylvia Galbraith, Photographer

Silver Creek Photography
Fergus, Ontario


Sylvia Galbraith, Photographer

Silver Creek Photography
Fergus, Ontario



July 2023 - I have just returned from my first ever foray into a desert landscape, and I have to say I was completely blown away.  The big skies, the mountains, the rich colours of the hills, and the sense of nature being completely in charge inspired me in ways I had not imagined.  You all know I'm a "water person"...  lakes, rivers and oceans are what draw me in and inform my artistic work and honestly, the desert was not high on my list of places I'd find compelling.  I was so wrong!  And yet, one can easily compare a desert with an ocean or vast lake; with shared characteristics of distance, undulating forms, temperamental weather, and horizons always beyond reach, I found myself in familiar territory in terms of my photographic approach.  I need to go back.  

NewMexico 1



July 2023 - I'm still loving the mordencage process, and while I've been having a lot of fun experimenting,  due to the toxic nature of the chemicals involved, I've been hesitant to really let loose.  Which is why I'm heading to Santa Fe in a few weeks to study with one of the most fabulous artists worldwide who works in this process.  Elizabeth Opalenik has perfected working with the veils and chemicals to produce the most stunning photographs I've ever seen.  After 40 years of sharing her methods with countless students, this is her last year of teaching...  I feel so fortunate to be able to learn from her.  I'm including two of my recent efforts here, but honestly still have a lot to learn.  






















Spring 2023 - More news! Check out Analog Forever Magazine's online exhibition "Elemental".

“Catalina” by Sylvia Galbraith (@sylviagalbraith) is one of our favorite images from our April 2023 Online Group Exhibition, “ELEMENTAL,” curated by renowned photographic community leader and The Photographer’s Eye gallery director, Donna Cosentino (@donnadcosentino)!

The exhibition explores the fundamental powers of nature – earth, water, fire, air – and how photographers interact with these elemental forces. The results of which range from beautiful landscapes made with expired film to abstract cameraless photograms that will bend your mind. 
Thank you @analogforeverzine, for choosing one of my 'experiments" !  I may be on to something....     


Catalina.  Unique silver gelatin mordencage print, 11 x 14".  2023



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